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Completely re-edited, the book (formerly entitled Relearning Experience) features a new chapter on REP as a self-help therapy

Jonathan Livingstone MSc MA PGCE

Relearning Experience Process (REP)

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I have a greater acceptance and love for myselfIt feels really good and freeing; I really do feel a lot happierI've been feeling really good againThank you again for the two sessions. They were incredibly helpfulI don't really understand how one session can help so much but it didIt has had a massively positive effect ... things have improved noticeably
My aim is to help you to articulate your needs, identify and fully resolve or overcome your problems, and achieve your purpose with as great economy as possible.25 years in practice (est. 1998 in Covent Garden & NW6)In person in Stourbridge, UK | Online worldwide+44 7951 260446 (WhatsApp, message or call)

Author of Relearning Therapy (2019, 2023) and The Therapist Within You (2009).

  • Therapy and coaching for individuals and couples in person or remotely
  • Brief, solution-focused therapy & coaching to resolve problems and achieve your purpose
  • Overcome anxiety, trauma (PTSD), childhood abuse, addiction, OCD, ADHD
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not just understanding 

In our experience, people want therapy to overcome or resolve their problems permanently - not just understand themselves better or have a chance to talk about their feelings

Therapy & Coaching for Individuals & couples

Informed by Relearning experience Process (REP); Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR); Energy Kinesiology, including Touch For Health; Hypnotherapy; Neurolinguistic Processing (NLP); Motivational Interviewing (MI); and Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Therapy & Coaching to:

This is achieved, even if:  (1) you are not clear about what exactly your problem is; (2) you have no clear notion what you want instead; and (3) you have no idea where the problem originated

anxiety | addiction | PTSD | depression | relationships | abuse In childhood

OCD | ADHD | assertiveness | professional goals | sporting goals

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