Relearning Experience

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A therapeutic process created by Jonathan Livingstone


Since 1998


Relearning Experience Process

A solution-focused brief therapy

that identifies the biographical origins of therapeutic problems

and brings permanent resolution

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Something in you stopping you from behaving in the way you want, making you behave in a way you don't want, or making you feel anxious, uncomfortable or scared?

Everyone is individual, and your problem behaviour or feelings are individual to you.

But the process by which the problem developed, and the way it can be resolved, is similar for everyone. Your problem developed when you adopted a specific behaviour in response to a difficult circumstance in the past that was designed to protect you as best you could. You are repeating this behaviour, which was learned unconsciously and is reproduced involuntarily (as all learning from experience necessarily is) in the present.

This remarkable new therapy, Relearning Experience Process (REP), will enable you to identify and resolve the problem at its origins, permanently. This can be done even if you have no idea where the problem came from, and even if you are not really sure how to articulate the problem.

As a result of engaging with REP, your behaviour will no longer be driven by events in the past, and conscious choice will be restored, allowing you to feel normal and giving you full control over your behaviour again.

Want to resolve your problem?

In our experience, people who present for therapy don't just want to talk about their problems; they don't want just to find a way to manage their problems; and their aim is not simply to be understood or to understand themselves better: people want instead to resolve and overcome their problems.

REP is a highly effective brief therapy that helps you to

  1. clarify what the problem is and what you want instead (your goal);

  2. find the origins of the problem in your biographical history; and

  3. resolve the problem at its origins completely and permanently.

REP will facilitate this, even if you are (1) not clear about what exactly your problem is; (2) have no clear notion what you want instead; and (3) have no idea where the problem originated.

Note that other modalities may be used, if and when appropriate, including Eye Movement Trauma Reprocessing (EMTR: a streamlined version of EMDR), energy kinesiology, NLP, TAT and hypnosis.

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