Individual brief therapy and coaching

Therapy to resolve problems and achieve goals, even if you are not sure exactly what the problem is, what you want instead, or how the problem originated. This is therapy not simply to understand yourself, manage your emotions or control your behaviour: the methods used will help you to resolve your therapeutic problems permanently by identifying the biographical origins and 'relearning' the experience. 

In addition to REP, we may use EMDR, energy kinesiology, hypnosis and NLP. 

Consultations last approximately 75 minutes. Most people and most problems need between five and ten sessions for complete resolution. Some problems are resolved after one session; some take longer than ten. Please call to discuss. 

Therapy and coaching for couples

Couples coaching, usually lasting around 100 minutes, utilizing Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Relearning Experience Process (REP) and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). 

Couples coaching will help you and your partner to listen to each other with open hearts; express your own and understand the other's needs; communicate effectively without triggering defensiveness; and appreciate and heal the antecedents of your present difficulties. This enables the couple to reconnect and regain closeness and intimacy.

When applied to couples coaching, REP I believe is groundbreaking - achieving what other methods would not be able to achieve. REP provides a powerful therapeutic intervention where the partners can together relearn the past, to heal and let go of resentments and past occurrences that have constructed barriers inhibiting intimacy and connection.

For separating partners - particularly important if you have children - this coaching will help you to understand your own and your partner's needs, take responsibility for your own emotions, and learn to communicate effectively without expressing judgement and blame. This will transform your communication and the quality of your relationship apart.

Individual therapy and coaching is also available to help partners or former partners to overcome personal anger, hurt, resentment, damage to self-esteem, and to let go; and to communicate more effectively and successfully with former partners who may be expressing anger and resentment. 

Remote therapy and coaching

The benefits of Relearning Experience Process and EMDR can be experienced wherever you are in the world. These therapies work very well remotely, providing you with a full therapeutic experience.  

Mediation for separating and divorcing couples 

Jonathan Livingstone is a qualified mediator, accredited by London School of Mediation (LSM), and offers mediation for separating and divorcing couples. Divorcing couples are often required to consider mediation as a way of producing a more satisfactory and acceptable outcome for both partners

Mediation is likely to minimize what is often a significant detrimental emotional impact on the former partners and particularly on their children. It can also substantially reduce legal costs. 

Therapy for children and young people

I work with teenagers. However, if children are under 16, work with their parent(s) may be necessary, since children's therapeutic issues are often the manifestation of their parents' unconscious issues. Children show us (their parents) what we should be doing that we're not doing, or what what we are doing that we shouldn't be doing. Even when your child's problematic behaviours seem to have nothing to do with your issues, they very probably do. It is remarkably difficult to recognize these behavioural characteristics in oneself without help. When the requisite help is given to the parent, apparently miraculously, the issue that the child is expressing spontaneously resolves. (Jonathan Livingstone is subscribed with the enhanced DBS update service, is a former teacher, and has extensive experience working with young people.)

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