The therapies

REP is an innovative and original brief therapy 

achieving permanent resolution of emotional and psychological problems

The reader can easily find out more about EMDR, energy kinesiology (including Touch for Health), NLP, NVC, MI, EFT and hypnosis through online research. 

Here, I offer just a brief word about Relearning Experience Process (REP). To find out more, please read my book, Relearning Therapy. The unique feature of REP is that it permanently resolves the therapeutic problem, and it does this by identifying the problem's origins in the person’s biography. Through a process of relearning the original experience, REP resolves the therapeutic problem, transforming the feelings and behaviour associated with it. 

Although the original experience creating the problem behaviour is ordinarily unknown and unconscious, it can be discovered by a simple process called tracking. This process identifies the origin of almost any psychological problem within minutes. Once the experience has been identified, the therapeutic problem is resolved through a relearning of that experience. The relearning provides an alternative reference so that the body can unlearn the original, pathological response.

This process means that, uniquely, for most problems and for most people, goals can be achieved in just a few sessions, even when a problem has lasted for years or decades. The therapy does not treat the symptom, as many other therapies do, but identifies and resolves the origins of the problem, transforming the feelings that underlie the problem behaviour, and bringing back choice. 

REP successfully treats virtually any therapeutic problem: those that are apparently superficial, such as hay fever, phobias, lack of assertiveness, sporting blocks; and those considered severe or serious, such as compulsive thoughts or behaviour (OCD), childhood abuse (PTSD and complex PTSD), addiction (to substances, food or activities), eating issues ('disorders'), and chronic social anxiety. REP can be used in conjunction with other modalities. Jonathan Livingstone also uses EMDR, NVC, kinesiology (using muscle testing), NLP, TAT, EFT and hypnosis in his practice.

Clients of any race, background, gender, sexual orientation, religion or culture are most welcome. Jonathan has worked successfully with individuals and couples from all walks of life, including elite athletes, diplomats, titled persons, college principals, medical doctors, therapists, and people who have tried many other forms of therapy and coaching without success. 

Jonathan Livingstone is subscribed with enhanced DBS update service, is fully insured, and a member of BPS and NCIP.

The therapist and coach

Jonathan Livingstone MSc MA PGCE is an innovator in the philosophy and methodology of clinical practice in psychotherapy and is the creator of Relearning Experience Process (REP). 

In 1998 Jonathan opened practices in Brondesbury Villas NW6, and at Farmacia in Covent Garden. His practice is now at Elysia Centre, Stourbridge, West Midlands, where he works with individuals and couples nationally and internationally online and via telephone, and trains therapists in REP, EMTR (streamlined version of EMDR) and Touch for Health. 

Born in Kenya, Jonathan spent much of his childhood in the Caribbean. His interest in alternative therapy, the unconscious, and human motivation and behaviour developed from age 11, when he first started hypnotizing people. 

Initially training as a counsellor, but dissatisfied with outcomes achieved, he trained as a teacher and taught English and Philosophy at a college for seven years. Leaving teaching to train in brief therapies, including hypnotherapy, EMDR, NLP and kinesiology, he opened his therapy practice in 1998. In 2002-3 he served as an elected director of the Kinesiology Federation, and later wrote The Therapist Within You (2009), a self-help book based on kinesiology. His brief, solution-focused method, Relearning Experience Process (REP), which identifies and resolves the origins of therapeutic problems, is the culmination of almost twenty years of practice, research and reflection, including seven years spent writing the book, entitled Relearning Experience to Resolve Emotional Problems: a New Theory and Practice. A new, revised and updated paperback edition, with the modified title of Relearning Therapy: Healing Psychological Problems and Feeling Normal was published in November 2023.  

He has worked with refugees in BIOT and Rwanda (2022-3); at a rehab in South Africa; with disadvantaged young people from the townships of Western Cape (2013-14); and with survivors of the Asian tsunami in Tamil Nadu (2004-5). He has a particular interest in diversity issues. 

Jonathan is married and has two long-grown up sons (whom he raised as a sole parent) and two growing daughters.

He is author of Relearning Therapy (2023, 2019) and The Therapist Within You (2009). 

Jonathan Livingstone remotely receiving a CMI (Chartered Management Institute) Global award for Creativity, Change and Innovation in November 2020

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