Training in Relearning Experience Process (REP)

REP is a therapy that identifies and resolves the origins of therapeutic problems. Its concepts are unique, and it is the only therapy method that is aligned with a comprehensive theory of the formation, development and manifestation of therapeutic problems. By joining this training, you will be among the first practitioners, taught by its creator, of a method that achieves what traditional psychotherapy can only dream of. An eminent practitioner and theorist described the achievements of REP as 'the holy grail of psychotherapy'.

Comprising seven modules, each of one and a half days, over four months, the training includes theory, practice, skills development, discussion, homework, case studies, feedback, and consolidation of learning. Note: course contents may change without notice. 


Module 1


Module 2



Module 3

Module 4


Module 5


Modules 6 & 7