Relearning Experience Process (REP)

(and other select contemporary methods)


Brief, solution-focused therapy & coaching to resolve problems and achieve goals

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Relearning Experience Process

A solution-focused brief therapy

that identifies the biographical origins of therapeutic problems

and brings permanent resolution

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Resolution, not just understanding

In our experience, people want therapy to overcome or resolve their problems permanently - not just understand themselves better or have a chance to talk about their feelings.

Therapy & Coaching models

Include REP, EMTR, Kinesiology, Hypnosis, NLP, Motivational Interviewing and Nonviolent Communication.

Therapy & Coaching to:

  1. Clarify what the problem is and what you want instead (your goal)

  2. Find the origins of the problem in your biographical history

  3. Resolve the problem at its origins completely and permanently

This is achieved, even if: (1) you are not clear about what exactly your problem is; (2) you have no clear notion what you want instead; and (3) you have no idea where the problem originated.

-- EVENTS --

Elysia Therapy Centre, Stourbridge, Open Day 25 June 2022

Jonathan will be explaining REP and answering questions. Please come along. We'll be very pleased to see you!

Jonathan will also take part in a panel discussion on understanding depression and anxiety and how to overcome them.

anxiety | addiction | PTSD | OCD | depression | relationships | childhood abuse | assertiveness | professional goals | sporting goals

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